Thank You For "Something That Binds"

Thank You For "Something That Binds"

We are united in a bond
Don't know who and where
But then I know
That they will be my friend

Try to new things in a readiness
The nature, mentally and everything
Being different human
Better and better
Trying to understand what we don't know
Even the new thing for me
Fight the fear that will come
Smile to the fear that will come

Finally we are united in a bond
Which forced us to bound
In a beautiful bond
In a comfortable bond

We were understand what we were haven't understand
Met with a lot of people
Again ask .. "who and where they are?"
They smiled broadly

When we re-born
Born in a bond
We were smiles again
They smiled again
And a sense of pride was felt

But we were born not into baby
But like a baby
We were babies are exceptional
And ready to be a incredible man here

Banjarnegara, 17 September 2014

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